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MESSAGE FROM AYAL, ASSOC. PROF. DR. FİLİZ BAL KOÇYİĞİT Building Acoustics Laboratory, which was launched as a mobile laboratory by Prof. Dr. Mutbul Kayılı in 2012, AYAL was established by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Filiz Bal Koçyiğit in October 2013 with the decision taken by the University Executive Board.

 Atılım University Building Physics Building Acoustics Laboratory is a laboratory that performs original studies in which projects based on measurement and research are made where acoustic, energy and energy studies are performed. In this laboratory, it is aimed primarily for students to make scientific studies, to produce creative ideas and to pass on the ideas they have produced. At the same time, the laboratory aims to contribute primarily to the building industry and the industrial sector and to produce new projects. For this purpose, Y. Language, who wants to participate in national and international projects, aims to contribute to researchers who want to study Ph.D. In addition, the goal of our laboratory is to train contemporary and creative individuals who will contribute to the national and world cultures with universal values ​​and values ​​envisaged in the University's Strategic Plan.

In AYAL, a dynamic educational environment was created by Atılım University in line with the researcher university mission, with LAP, BAP, ALP projects, extracurricular activities, international connections and sectoral collaborations.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Filiz Bal Kocyigit



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